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Mapping Education provides a comprehensive overview of the education sector, pulling data from a variety of sources. Visualization and narrative highlight regional variation in outcomes and needs in the sector. Current visualizations include maps and charts, using IDI widgets. We will implement Google Earth based visualizations highlighting regional and sub-state disparities in the coming months...

Economic Activities brings together various high-frequency indicators of economic activity to identify hotspots and regional variation, filling a current gap in sub-state knowledge about economic vibrance. The current focus of the site is on financial activity by various sectors and soon the site will publish research studies and maps on the emerging economic hot-spots in the country...

India Development Indicators is an online platform that leverages existing investments in data by standardizing, harmonizing, and visualizing development data at various resolutions such as state, district, parliamentary constituency etc. The site allows users to visualize indicators using maps, charts, rankings, etc...

Development Data Library is an online repository for development data and analysis on India. Designed for for researchers, students, community organizations, and policymakers to quickly and efficiently share primary data, it can accept all common formats and does not require any harmonization or other data processing...