In this picture, the sizes of the bubbles represent the amount of per-capita income in respective states; thus bigger bubbles mean richer states. The Vertical axis shows the ESI, higher the state is located more sustainable it is. The horizontal axis is for the HDI, thus a state which is located towards right hasbetter human development than the states located close to centre of origin.

States which scores well on all the 3 parameters such as GDP, HDI and ESI will have higher per capita GDP (bigger bubble sizes) are greener (located higher) with more human development (located towards right), are the most sustainably growing states..

Sustainable development takes into account the economic, social and environmental aspects of development. GDP and HDI (Human Development Index) are the commonly accepted measure of economic growth and social wellbeing respectively. The ESI will serve as a measure of the environmental aspects which is missing at present. Combining these 3 indicators such as the per capita SGDP, the HDI and the ESI can throw light on how sustainable a state is growing or is likely to grow.